Vibrant Health Institute specializes in helping people to achieve and maintain
optimum health. Honoring each person is unique, with specific requirements and
trauma challenges, Vibrant Health Institute develops a targeted program for each of
its client.

Utilizing advanced scientific knowledge, along with bio-energtic and nutraceutical modalities, we tailor your individual program to bring
all elements of your physical being into a new level of harmony and efficiency on the cellular level. Each program is based on a review
of the person's health history and an extensive analysis of key indicators often ignored by traditional practitioners.

By limiting our practice to a small, select group of discriminating take-charge clients, and being unrestricted by traditional agencies,
our rare insights help you obtain new dimensions of health, vitality and recovery.

Your well-being is the focus of our attention at Vibrant Health Institute. We care about your comfort and your progress. And we strongly
support your efforts to regain your vitality.

Member of Coalition for Natural Health (a national association protecting
your Ninth Amendment rights to explore scientific advances in health care)
VHI established since 1993
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